About Us

Committed to Keeping Your Home Clean

 Jarelle graduated from Cedar Crest College in 2004 with a bachelor’s in Political Science. For eight years after graduation Jarelle was employed at various institutions specializing in elderly care. As cleaning is a vital factor associated with elderly care, Jarelle was religiously recognized by her peers and superiors for her attention to detail, hard work, and repeated results exceeding expectations. Finding her “niche”, Jarelle branched out on her own, and Cleaning by JMF was born. Cleaning by JMF, LLC was founded on June 22nd, 2012 by current president Jarelle Flibotte. The company grew to a point where a division of services was needed, and in 2021 Jolly Maids was created.  We service Barre – Montpelier and the surrounding areas in Vermont.

Meet the Team

Awesome, kind, and hard-working people who are the VIP’s of this business!:

Logan M.

Logan is compassionate, driven, and takes pride in her work. Her first solo week, she received a customer quality scorecard with the highest available score across each category.

Giving Back

Jolly Maids for Freedom hopes to give back by helping to prevent human trafficking to preserve the freedom and dignity of all people.

Blazing Hope Ranch is a ministry ranch that focuses on dismantling human trafficking through Christianity. Their mission is carried out in three parts: helping survivors deal with trauma through long term aftercare, empowering youth and families to resist human trafficking tactics, and reducing the demand for human trafficking by supporting leaders who will protect women. JMF cleaning is committed to giving back to the community and the world. Part of the proceeds will go to Blazing Hope Ranch in an effort to support their mission.

Committed to dismantling human trafficking.